ssue: Mahesh 42 years old was diagnosed with liver cancer. It was three months that he was diagnosed with it and the cancer was on stage two. Though he was operated, it relapsed within 8 months’ time and this time the doctor suggested for a number of chemotherapy sessions. But somehow Mahesh was not convinced and decided to go for a Past Life Regression Therapy after reading Dr Brian Weiss’s book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’.

Resolution: After the initial intake and first session, it was decided to do a Past Life Regression for a second one. The session started and he regressed to a past life where he was stabbed in his liver area in the war. This was released and all the cellular trauma stored in the liver was released. This brought in a little relief in his condition where his pain subsided. This was still not completely healed. 

Hence, we decided to go in for another session. In this session, he regressed to a lifetime where he was a landlord and had an elder brother. His brother was more famous with people than him and everywhere he was praised. This did not go well with Mahesh in that lifetime. He was harbouring a lot of anger towards him. In this lifetime, again the same situation was repeating where his elder brother Manish was praised by everyone. In that past life time, Mahesh conspired to kill his brother and eventually got him murdered.

Resolution: We released that guilt as well as that anger he had towards his brother. Though this was released there was still forgiveness work to be done, for which we decided to go in for another session. In this session we did the remaining work of that lifetime. Subsequently, it took around 6 months and approximately ten Past Life sessions along with doctor prescribed chemotherapy and medicines to fight the cancer in his liver.

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