The power of theta healing therapy

Theta Healing Therapy is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy with its sole purpose of coming closer to the Creator of All. We all want abundance, peace, joy & harmony in our lives. But if the feeling that how it feels to be abundant or happy or joyous is missing within, one will not be able to completely understand & accept it. Once these negative feelings are released, you can enjoy abundance in your life. Theta Healing Therapy brings about mental – physical- spiritual peace and development. It brings into use one’s theta brain waves which were once believed to be attained only after several years of meditation or penance or only by yogis.


This technique was discovered & developed by Vianna Stibal for self-help as well as helping others to realign & rediscover love, happiness, abundance & health in their lives. Vianna Stibal discovered this amazing tool of self- help way back in 1995 when she was diagnosed with Cancer. With theta healing, she released all the cancerous cells & is living a healthier life today. The founder of Theta Healing Vianna Stibal discovered that beliefs occur at four levels, i.e., core, genetic, history & soul level. A limiting belief can be either present at one level, at two levels or might be at all levels. Once the limiting belief is released & replaced with the empowering one, it brings in positive changes in life. Vianna Stibal with her discovery has made this process now available to everyone and brought along the concept of Seven Planes of Existence which help one in connecting to the Creator of All. Connecting to this level, one can easily view what are their self-limiting beliefs, replace them with the positive ones and thereby experience miraculous healings for self as well as others.


Usually, Theta healing therapy is conducted in the form of individual sessions in which Dr Geetanjali Saxena attends to the person by listening, using intuitive senses like probing questions and empathy. It is based on the theory that the beliefs in the conscious and unconscious mind of the person can directly impact their emotional well-being, which in turn may also impact their physical health. A method of meditation is used by the Dr Geetanjali Saxena to tune into a person’s energy with the goal to improve their health and general well-being by freeing the negative experiences that are blocking thought patterns or genetically inherited patterns in an attempt to create a positive emotional wellbeing. It is also used in conjunction with conventional medicine.


Theta healing helps and support the healing of various physical and emotional conditions such as:

  • chronic, degenerative and DNA-related conditions
  • financial issues, debts & money blocks
  • depression, career issues
  • emotional suffering
  • repeating relationship patterns
  • low self-esteem

Moreover, it can be used to change your negative core beliefs, to remove the negative attached energies and entities from people, houses, land, and living spaces. Theta Healing therapy is also helpful for manifesting things in your life instantly. It helps you to understand what is that you really want in life & focus your entire attention to it rather than thinking about what you don’t want.

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