Before we begin our journey for this class, let me throw some light on the fundamentals of the energy system, and how and why aligning our chakras play a vital role in living a healthy, abundant, and meaningful life.

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The science of life is based on the energy centres that govern the human system. These power centres in our body are termed as chakras which are positioned strategically in the human body.

Understanding chakras, how to balance and align them, form the fundamentals of the science of healing. This complex science is simplified in the7 -day WhatsApp Program – Balance of Life: Chakras Healing. In this program, you will receive a downloadable guidebook with comprehensive information that you can grasp quickly, journal sheets for you to track your progress, and guided meditation audios to give you a hands-on experience of healing.


The study of chakras dates back to the ancient healing yogic systems. There are power-centres of energy that run throughout our body that influence our mental, physical, emotional, psychological aspects of life. 

While the human body consists of 114 chakras, we shall be studying the 7 major chakras and their influence on various aspects of our well-being. We shall explore how to access these seven chakras; the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, and various methods of healing them. 

An imbalanced chakra is often the root cause of suffering in one’s life. This suffering can either manifest as physical illness, emotional disturbances or financial losses.


Everything in the universe is energy and vibrations. As a result, there could be infinite reasons that could cause a chakra to be blocked, misaligned or imbalanced.

An imbalanced chakra has its influence in various aspects of our day to day living like body language, thinking patterns, level-headedness, commercial aspects such as financial stability, apart from the physical well-being.

While the causes are not in our control, we can definitely heal and align them to avoid further health complications.


All things in the universe vibrate at a specific frequency. Every chakra is vibrating at a different frequency when your body and mind are functioning optimally, and differently when some illness strikes you.

Chakra healing eventually impacts every part of your life, bringing you not just excellent health, but also abundance, and peace of mind. It establishes an inner balance and strengthens your immune system. 

When you achieve absolute mastery in balancing your chakras, your life will be blessed.

In this 7 -day WhatsApp Program – Balance of Life: Chakras Healing , you will learn to balance and align each of these 7 major chakras. The coming 7 days will be high-powered and spirited as you dive into a soulful experience of healing them.

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“I love the way Geetanjali makes this sessions accessible to everyone. She explains everything in a simple way and with beautiful examples. As a teacher myself I know how difficult is to explain things to others especially to adults. A big “thank you” Geetanjali! I’m so grateful! You are the best teacher!”


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