Have you ever wondered where does your soul travel after death? Life between lives regression profound technique with help of which you can connect with your true soul. It leads to soul awareness. Unlike other spiritual techniques, this technique actually helps you communicate with your souls and traces your own soul history. You can know much more about yourself with this technique. You can even meet your spirit guide with help of this technique.

This technique was originally developed by Dr. Michael Newton who is a therapist. He pioneered this deep hypnotic technique which allows people access their consciousness and talk to their soul. It is just as walking past time and meeting your old self. 

Anyone seeking a spiritual overview or who wants a deeper understanding of one’s own existence can go on this journey. Generally, people experience their past lives to travel to the spiritual life. It is just like a time travel but of a spiritual kind. It is a total adventurous journey, not outside, but within your own self. In this between the life experience, people actually get connected to the people connected to their souls. With this unique journey, they are able to know themselves better.It is a way of opening up to your own consciousness in detail. It is a spiritual healing which can remove their doubts, fears, and anxieties. They can even communicate with their soul leaders or elders and get wise advice. This journey is about self-realization and experience, where all the questions of why and what is answered in a better space. From developing personal skills to finding an unconditional love, every life-changing experience can be experienced in between the lives.

The past life experience sessions are one of the most valuable and cherished experiences in life. As you reconnect with your lost soul and the soul energies, you experience the most beautiful feeling of understanding which can open a new perception of yourself and your life. You can experience ‘authentic self’ only by experiencing life between lives regressions. In order to experience this deep-rooted state, relaxation should be given priority. This healing is just a connection between you and the healer and requires a different level of trust. In this therapy, the healer can access your soul memories. The healer connects to your soul self. The bridge between physical world and spirit world is blurred. Once the proper eternal connection is done, the body is still but you mentally travel the world between lives.You can even find your own answer to the age-old questions such as: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Have I met my soulmate?’ You can even contact your spiritual guide which can promote enduring positive changes in your life.

If you are very keen to understand your soul better, life between lives can help enroute you to your soul searching journey.