Transpersonal Regression Therapy (TRT) is a form of regression therapy developed by Tasso Instituut, Netherlands founded by Hans TenDam. It is a focused, result-oriented approach which help us dive into the unconscious mind and uncover our deepest memories and thoughts.

Dr Geetanjali Saxena is Past Life Regression therapist as well as a trainer under Dr Brian Weiss – New York (Renowned Psychotherapist and Author of book Many Lives, Many Masters) and Dr Hans Tendam – TASSO International, Netherlands and a trainer with California Hypnosis Institute (USA) as well as a trainer for Inner Child Integration by Trisha Cateno and certified by EaRTH.

What is Transpersonal Regression Therapy?

Transpersonal Regression therapy deals with past-lives, spiritual, attached spirits and pre-human experiences in a grounded way. The process involves walking through those memories and understanding them, thereby promoting healing by releasing any negative baggage that was inflicted by the past trauma. The therapy has proven to be extremely potent. Tasso therapy works with an objective to primarily empower people to solve their own problems instead of doing it for them. They belong to “the cathartic school” where there is no use of hypnosis but adapting bridge techniques that grow naturally from getting clients absorbed in their emotions. The therapy does not believe in avoiding unwanted experiences but taking them head on and helping people deal with them.

The Transpersonal Regression Therapy is a three step process: regression, personification and energy work which basically works from finding the origin of the problems, representing the causes for those and ultimately providing healing energy to those problems. The therapy adapts a very different approach where finding the problem or the origin is the end of the treatment since the diagnosis of any problem will ultimately lead to healing of the same. The authenticity of the therapy speaks for itself because there is no outside help sort in any form and it all revolves around the energy an individual has within.

Who is it for?

The therapy is for people who suffer from high intensity anxiety and phobias, social anxiety and for people who find it difficult to connect with other people, extreme depression, loneliness, addictions, sexual problems or eating disorders. It is also for people who feel a general loss of direction, deteriorating mental health and people who are unable to adapt. It can also help those who have some emotional issues that have not been resolved through other therapies. Those who are curious about who they were in a past life. Those who want to have better understanding of the relationships they have. Add to your Repertoire this infallible healing modality. Get Internationally Accredited. Start your own professional PLRT practice.