Institute of Holistic Sciences is the brain child of Dr. Geetanjali Saxena

She is the founder of this institute with an aim to provide wellness, spiritual workshops, such as Hypnotherapy, Lama Fera, Reiki,  Theta Healing, Holistic Healing therapies and bring in more peace and happiness in lives of people. She is focused on reaching all the levels of the society, so that these services can be availed by the masses.

After liberating and touching people’s lives who were suffering due their karma in a Divine manner, Dr. Geetanjali then decided to impart her vast pool of knowledge that she had gathered through various Healing Masters all across the world to others through her workshops on wide range of Healing Structures.Now Dr. Geetanjali apart from being a medium of healing is also creating healers through her courses in workshops with a Broad and Beautiful Vision of a world where people are living with her Awareness and Consciousness amongst them creating a more harmonious and compassionate world.


Our Core Vision and Mission

hypnosis for weight loss


  • Provide holistic care to people from all the segments of the society and help them address their core issues of life.
  • Create awareness and consciousness about the connection between mind-body-soul.
  • Making people conscious co-creator of their own life.
Past life regression therapy


  • Help people heal their KARMIC cycles from across time and space to bring in more happiness and stability in their lives.
  • Lead people towards a life of higher vibrations and consciousness.