We always look at astrology as a tool to understand what lies into our future. But still learning astrology is a process of years. Everyday learning something new and adding it to your knowledge is the key to success in astrology. But of course in this fast paced life, when we have to meet client expectations, this does not really serve the purpose. Hence, I decided why not bring into practice something simpler which can help people connect with astrology on a deeper level.

The birth of Nakshatra Oracle Cards has been to serve the purpose of helping people from all segments to resolve their issues and at the same time receive timely guidance for their safe future. Each one of us is born in a certain Nakshatra and it has its own characteristics which shape the events in our life. Hence, understanding them in details can help you to understand the fine lines of astrology.

Nakshatra Oracle Cards have been designed specifically to help people understand the concept of why Nakshatra’s play an important role in astrology and how they can help you identify the key issues in one’s astrological set up. Of course, for this one wouldn’t need the astrological chart, rather these cards will help you to set up the entire chart.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people from all walks of life who are interested in learning astrology and benefitting from it as well as helping others. The invitation is for tarot card readers, angel card readers, therapists and anyone who believes in astrology and its science.

A typical counselling session involves the following steps:

  • Understanding all the Nakshatra’s and their characteristics.
  • Effect of planets when they come in together in different houses.
  • Learning spreads as per the Prashna Kundli.
  • Learning spreads specifically designed for attracting wealth, soulmate, career growth, studies.
  • Remedial measures for the sick and needy.
  • Remedial measures helpful in buying property.
  • Understanding each and every planet and their effects in various houses.

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