Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is a trained TASSO practitioner from TASSO Institute International, Netherlands. This form of modality is definitely very different from the traditional hypnotherapy and past life regression. It does not use hypnotherapy as a basis for a person to fall into trance, rather the trance grows naturally into the client when he/she is made comfortable with the symptoms of their issues and are absorbed completed into these symptoms. This is when the bridge techniques are applied. The four types of bridge techniques used are:

1.Emotional and Somatic Bridge
2.Imagination Bridge
3.Verbal Bridge
4.Personification Room

With these bridge techniques when the client in taken deeper into trance, the regression starts. The technique of questioning in TASSO is unique as it is done in a manner where the client can get in touch with their limiting belief patterns, identify them and resolve them at the same time. It is a completely spiritual process of addressing an issue as it also involves the SOUL. TASSO therapy also takes into consideration the overview of the SOUL on his/her life and allows completion of the jigsaw puzzle of life. There is a lot of energy retrieval work done too and the client goes into a catharsis. TASSO therapy in its unique approach includes Inner Child Work, Past Life Work as well as Energy Retrieving work where all of this is integrated and the client can experience a complete integration at all the levels thereby resolving the issues as well.