Family Constellation Therapy is a diagnostic tool which aids in identifying the core issue in the lives of the people in their relationships. It is a subset application of Systematic Constellation. Family Constellation has become the fastest growing psychotherapeutic technique which is becoming quite popular. This dynamic and evolutionary therapy was originally developed by Bert Hellinger who recognized that we’re all unconsciously linked in a complex system of bonding relationships over three or four generations. Each of us inherit psychological or emotional problems from previous generations that we take for our own.

“Family Constellations and movements of the Soul is an alive, uniquely fresh phenomenological experience. It has the potential to touch our deepest cores, transforming our lives and the lives of those around us. Hidden dynamics, often spanning two or three generations, may appear in the family “field” and lead to distress, illness and emotional difficulties. This work requires, while at the same time deepens, a profound respect for the mystery of life and the forces that shape it and moves you towards peace in the soul.” Professor J.Edward Lynch. Chair of the Graduate Marriage and Family Therapy Program at South Connecticut State University, USA.

Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach through which we can explore the deeper, unconscious dynamics in family systems. As we search for the deeper movements of the soul, we often discover how loyal children are to their families and how much their need to belong influences their actions. Unfortunately, these loyalties don’t necessarily serve us later in life, and we usually are unaware that we continue to attempt to balance unresolved energies in our families of origin.

In family constellations we look to understand the impact of unresolved family issues, or secrets, and often become more aware of influences that our ancestors’ fates may still have in our life. Once these connections are identified a healing process can unfold in which we look for the love that is inherent in most families but which is often obscured by pain, fear and anger.

Method of Family Constellation:

Family Constellation is often done in a group sitting & is led by a facilitator. It helps the participants to identify the urgent issues which need to be addressed. Each participant is awarded the opportunity to set up a constellation to dig in the issue. The participant coming forward to present their issue asks the other participants to be the representatives. The participant then arranges and asks the representatives to address a role which he/she feels intuitively should be done by a representative. These representatives usually represent either the family members or any feeling such as depression, anger or anything else which they would like to work on. The participant then sits down and observes the entire scene.

The entire process is intuition driven & the aim is to tap into the Knowing Field (as described by psychiatrist Albrecht Mahr). The Knowing Field helps the participant to identify & understand the feelings and emotions which these representatives mirror at this point of time. These are those hidden or unseen feelings, emotions or mechanisms which are not fully understood consciously. The participant usually does not know or has little knowledge about these emotions. Nevertheless, the representatives usually experience feelings or physical sensations which inform the process.

During the entire procedure, the facilitator asks the representatives about the feelings and emotions which they are experiencing when placed in the given role. During this process of asking many of the feelings, facts or emotions surface up which are very informative for the participant to understand the entire situation. It enables the participant to see things with a neutral aspect & being non-judgemental. It allows the participant to view things as an individual from an observer’s perspective.

After the entire process of the knowing, the healing resolution for the issue involves repositioning of the representatives from their current positions. This repositioning once makes the representatives feel right in their new place, the facilitator then speaks out aloud a few sentences which are the resolution statements of the issue. Sometimes a complete resolution is achieved just by mere repositioning.

Such constellations empower the participant to see things out of the box & help them to understand the family issues or emotions in a systematic, non-judgemental manner.

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Suffering, repetitive patterns, or even a general sense of being stuck in our lives, often occur as a result of unresolved relational issues. The source of the difficulty may lie beyond our awareness, often in the systems to which we belong such as our current relationship, family of origin or workplace. These are the kind of issues that can be a constant source of concern, and resistant to our best efforts.

On an energetic, soul level Family Constellations connect one to a deep long lasting resolution based in love. Freeing one’s self to live their true inheritance, healthy, and safe. It helps you in experiencing life fully in the present, and trusting in the future.

Unlike a traditional therapy or healing process, the Constellation process gets directly to the heart of the matter, accessing solutions and transforming issues quickly and effectively. In this way Family Constellations have the ability to stop the repetition of suffering, fostering long lasting, life changing results.

This is a 3 day workshop filled with insights to understand how you are working unconsciously based on the history of your family. Below mentioned are the points that will help you to understand what the course is filled with.


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