Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is trainer under Trisha Caetano, one of the pioneers in the field of Inner Child Integration Therapy and also certified by EaRTH over four years.


Each one of us, whatever we are today is nothing but a mixed bag of experiences from our childhood and adolescence. In fact, even in this moment each experience shapes us. But, majority of our belief system is built during our childhood days based on the experiences we have had. There is a little child residing in all of us and this child is the inner child holding on to the emotions from our past experiences, right from the earliest memories of the childhood. In these memories are stored those traumas that we have faced as a child and haunt us even today in the form of reactions we give when facing similar situations.

The actions and reactions we burst out with while facing similar situations is in a way a defense mechanism which we have built on our subconscious mind. Hence, we start limiting ourselves with this mechanism and consciously are unable to move ahead in life and allow miracles to happen.

This is where Inner Child Healing can help you overcome these obstacles. Inner Child Work is a therapy which focuses on the deep psyche of the client, allowing them to get in touch with their own fears, attitude, thought patterns on the sub conscious level which largely dominates their behaviour at all the levels of existence. The emotional, mental, physical as well as spiritual levels need to be understood enabling a smooth release of all the limiting & blocking beliefs within which were formed as a result of traumatic events in our life. Inner Child work helps to work on multi dimensions of our existence. It allows us to bring back and integrate all the fragments our energy thereby making us feel fully connected with our Soul level & reach the fullness of our being.

Inner Child Healing takes you on a journey of freeing yourself from the clutches of your past experiences and thereby releasing all the energy blocks. It helps one to go on the deeper subconscious level where these experiences are stored. Also, the fears, anxieties, unnecessary worries are touched in this therapy to release them.

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