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gitanjali 1 | Testimonial


I’ve always been a woman of logic and reason, trapped in a world that hardly uses either. 😉 my study of…
2 1 | Testimonial


Great Workshop. Insightful with well explained concepts. Nicely structured with Case studies…
3 | Testimonial


Dear Geetanjali Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful world of Theta Healing. …
4 1 | Testimonial


Earlier I used to say to myself- ‘I believe in miracles’ but after learning Theta Healing from Dr Geetanjali…
5 1 | Testimonial


I was first introduced with the concept of Family Constellation by Dr Geetanjali Saxena. I wanted …
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial


I am a strong believer in theta..its methods are not just very rationale but also intriguing considering…
ridhhi shilpi | Testimonial


Dear , dr Geetanjali I would like to thank you for your sincere and continuous efforts in uplifting …
TaanishiInam | Testimonial


Having Mrs.Gittanjali Saxena as a mentor, I am sure, “Institute of Holistic Sciences” will be the most…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial


I visited Dr Geetanjali with the issue of not being able to concentrate on my studies. I was indeed going…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial


An amazing technique to resolve issues. Family Constellation helped me to change my outlook…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial


I am truly blessed to have decided learning Theta Healing. And more happier and blessed to learn…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial

Rajeshwari Mudalier

Dear Dr. Geetanjali, Enjoyed this workshop thank you very much for sharing your tips and experineces…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial


Thank you mam for such superb course. With all the issue that I face I had one more major issue for my…

gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial

Rita Roy

I wanted to thank you for guiding me. I very touched as you personal saw to it. I wanted to learn…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial

Priti Vichhivora

Lovely Workshop, just changes my changed my perspective about money. Thank you very much mam.
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial

Geeta Vanjani

Thanks Geetanjali ma’am for the wonderful workshop and for sharing such lovely ideas, rituals and…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial

Rajeshwari Mudalier

Thank you very much dear Geetanjali, You are an inspiration to me. You have reached amazing people. I aspire…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial


Money workshop has helped me plan my future goals. It is a very supportive and simple program to follow…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial

Neha Rani

Thank you Dr. Gaeetanjali for the wonderful workshop. I did lot of self work on me but this will help me…
gitanjali circle logo | Testimonial

Rohini Gautam

Mental Bank – Such a practical exercise which is bound to give results. Thank you Geetanjali for your efforts for all…

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