Theta Healing

Theta Healing technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy with its sole purpose being coming closer to the Creator of All That Is. This technique was discovered & developed by Vianna Stibal for self-help as well as helping others to realign & rediscover love, happiness, abundance & health in their lives. It brings about mental – physical- spiritual peace and development.

Theta Healing brings into use one’s theta brain waves which were once believed to be attained only after several years of meditation or penance or only by yogis. But Vianna Stibal with her discovery has made this process now available to everyone. She has brought along the concept of Seven Planes of Existence which help one in connecting to the Creator of All That Is. Connecting to this level, one can easily view what are their self-limiting beliefs, replace them with the positive ones and thereby experience miraculous healings for self as well as others.

The founder of Theta Healing Vianna Stibal has discovered that beliefs occur at four levels, i.e. core, genetic, history & soul level. Any limiting belief can be either present at one level, at two levels or might be at all levels. Once released & replaced with the empowering one, it brings in wonderful changes in life.

Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing work is best known for feelings work. We all want abundance, peace, joy & harmony in our lives. But if the feeling that how it feel to be abundant or happy or joyous is missing within, one will not be completely able to understand & accept it. But once these feelings are instilled, you can enjoy these feelings wonderfully.

Vianna Stibal discovered this amazing tool of self- help way back in 1995 when she was diagnosed with Cancer. With theta healing, she released all the cancerous cells & is living a healthier life today.

To read her full story of recovery, you may log on to: http://thetahealing.com/about-vianna-stibal-founder.html

Theta Healing is also helpful for manifesting things in your life instantly. It helps you to understand what is that you really want in life & focus your entire attention to it rather than thinking about you don’t want. If you would like to learn this wonderful modality, please click here

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This is the first level for learning Theta Healing. Basic DNA introduces you to discovery of Theta Healing, Connecting with the Creator of All That Is, the concept of Seven Planes of Existence. The major focus of this workshop is to activate the 12 strands of DNA in you completely. Basic DNA exposes the participant to the belief system, four levels of beliefs, the replacements for them & so on. This course unfolds the beautiful soul within, releases the limiting life patterns you are holding at core, genetic, soul or history levels, activating your vitality chromosome, strengthening the telomeres to reverse the aging process & above all the participants experience the unconditional love of The Creator of All That Is – the most treasured gift to all beings of the Universe.

Basic DNA covers the following:

  • History of Theta Healing.
  • Understanding the Four levels of belief system.
  • Connecting to the Creator of All That Is using Theta State.
  • Doing a Body Scan for self & others.
  • Instilling positive feelings using the Feelings Work.
  • Activation of the 12 strand DNA.
  • Connecting to the Guardian Angels.
  • Clearing Radiation.

Pre-requisite: None

This is a 3 day workshop intensifying the knowledge of the Basic DNA 2 class. Advanced DNA 2 will give you more comprehensive knowledge on the Seven Planes of existence, belief systems, release of the oaths, vows of over lifetimes, healing even that part of your soul which is physically not existing

The amazing journey of Advanced DNA 2 class unfolds the following:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence
  • What are Oaths & Vows and releasing them
  • Releasing the Curses being carried forward across times
  • Dealing with three “R”s – Resentment, Regret & Rejections
  • Heal the Broken Soul Exercise
  • Baby in the Womb exercise – healing the beliefs & feelings from parents in the womb
  • Connecting to the Higher Self
  • Meeting the Ancestors
  • Clearing Free Floating Memories

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA 2

This level focuses on clearing those resentments, vows, curses which we have been carrying with us & are holding us back to enjoy this magnificent life with abundance, joy & happiness. The student will receive Feelings that are downloaded from the Instructor that will bring profound healing and enlightenment to them. This class is a delightful experience as students are filled with many new and positive feelings such as knowing how to live in the now and what self - acceptance feels like for the Seventh Plane.


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