Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is a Hypnotherapist and has been teaching of Hypnotherapy certified under California Hypnosis Institute(USA) for the past 7 years.

Hypnotherapy counselling is therapy that is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis. The word "hypnosis" (from the Greek hypnos, "sleep") is an abbreviation of James Braid's (1843) term "neuro-hypnotism", meaning "sleep of the nervous system".

Hypnotherapist helps one to go the root cause of the issue, rather than seeing just the outer cover. It helps the clients to establish a direct connection with the subconscious mind where all the memories are stored. Not only memories, but also your past life experiences, current life learning and so on. One can watch the entire life like a series on the television & view all the beliefs, thought patterns, fears, accomplishments to see the core issue of their physical or mental dis-ease.

Anyone who is willing to heal from within can be benefitted by a hypnosis session. Just a desire to release all the dis-eases & willingness to surrender completely can help the person transform his life by hypnosis. It is also a myth that while under a hypnotic session, one loses awareness, rather it is just the opposite. Under a session, the person is in a complete awareness state not only of the conscious mind but also is aware of the subconscious programming. The difference in the conscious state & hypnosis state is that one is more aware & more accepting to suggestions without any judgements in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon and even animals are capable of experiencing hypnosis spontaneously.

Myth Fact
Once in hypnosis, the therapist can make me do anything & I will in complete control of the therapist. You are in an increased awareness state in hypnosis & in complete control of your ownself and not anyone else.
I will not be able to remember anything that I saw in hypnosis. You remember everything & you can hear everything while in hypnosis.
It can be impossible at times to come out of hypnosis. This is not possible. As hypnosis is just a form of being into trance or deep sleep, and once you are out of it you are more refreshed.
I will lose complete control in a hypnotic state. You are completely in control of yourself.

What can Hypnotherapy Heal? What are its benefits?

  • Hypnotherapy counselling can heal any physical or mental or emotional ailments.
  • It can help you uplift your spirits towards living life with a lot of love and peace around you & within you.
  • Hypnotherapist works on the hypnotherapy process which not only heals your physical or mental ailments; rather it helps you to align your mind-body-soul & takes your awareness & consciousness to higher vibrations.

Hypnotherapy has shown remarkable results with physical ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, suicidal tendencies, alcohol or drug addictions, maniac depression & so on. Hypnotherapy deals with any issue in totality taking into consideration not only the physical signs but also the emotional state as well.

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Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Courses

All these courses are affiliated to California Hypnosis Institute – USA (www.californiahypnosis.us)

This is the basic introductory course needed to understand the basics of hypnotherapy counselling as well as to pursue your journey further with Clinical Hypnosis. The course contents are:

  • Brief History of Hypnosis
  • History and Development of the Human Mind
  • The Theory of Mind
  • How to create the Hypnotic state?
  • The Theory of Suggestibility
  • The Laws of Suggestibility
  • How to Conduct a Hypnosis session?
  • Deepening techniques
  • Wording of Effective Suggestions
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis
  • Awakening Techniques
  • Self-Hypnosis

Duration: 3 days

Certification: Master Hypnotist

Pre-requisite: Kindly mention what do you want it to be

This level deals with the advanced techniques used in hypnosis covering in-depth knowledge about the brain and its functioning. The course contents are:

  • Hypnotic Modalities
  • Basics of Ericksonian and Kappasinian Hypnosis
  • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Introduction to Handwriting Analysis
  • Hypnotherapy Counselling & Regression (Age & Past Life Regression)
  • Dream Therapy and Interpretation.
  • Fear & Phobia Management
  • Emotional Empowerment Technique
  • Medical Model of Hypnosis
  • Pain Management
  • Child Hypnosis
  • Hypno-Diagnostic Tools
  • Hypno-Drama

Duration: 5 days

Certification: “Advance Techniques and Modalities”

Pre-requisite: Certification in “Master Hypnotherapist"

The course contents are:

  • Physical & Emotional Sexuality
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Use of Counselling and Interviewing Techniques
  • Use of Family Systems Approach
  • Problem of Low Blood Sugar
  • Eating Disorders – Anorexia & Bulimia
  • Substance Abuse – Alcohol & Drugs
  • Defence Mechanisms
  • Allergy Management
  • General Self Improvement
  • Weight Control
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Use of Mental Bank
  • Advertising & Promotion of Hypnotherapy Practice

Duration: 8 days

Certification: “Clinical Hypnotherapist"

Pre-requisite: Certification in “Advanced Techniques and Modalities”


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