Crystal Healing

Crystals are divine gifts of the Universe which help in facilitating healing on all the levels. Each crystal is unique and has its own vibrations and healing properties. Hence, using crystals to heal self can be one of the most enriching experiences of one’s life. Programming and charging crystals can enhance their qualities and also help healing pass at a higher vibrational level. There are two levels of Crystal Healing and the description is mentioned below:

Crystal Healing Level 1

  • Understanding what are crystals, their different shapes and their effects.
  • Learning how to choose a crystal?
  • How to store Crystals?
  • Learning to Charge and Program Crystals.
  • Learning the properties of Key Crystals like Amethyst, Aventurine, Citrine, Hematite, Jade and many others.
  • Meditations to tap into Crystal’s properties.
  • Effects of Wearing Crystals.

Crystal Healing Level 2

  • Understanding what are crystal grids?
  • Learning properties of more key crystals like smoky quartz, clear quartz, red jasper & many others.
  • Guidelines for creating a crystal grid.
  • Learning various Crystal Grid Layouts like four sided grid, six sided grid, Flower of Life Grid, Prosperity Grid, Infinity Grid and many others.
  • Crystal Grid Meditations.
  • Learning the correct placement of crystal clusters and geodes.
  • Exercises for Crystal Healing.

Participants will receive a manual, essential crystals and hands-on experience in working with Crystals.


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