Bombay Times : 8th April 2010
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Geetanjali Saxena
They are going through traumatic times, but their feelings for each other are pretty strong. They are soul-mates and the cards say that the marriage will definitely take place. Both have the strength to overcome the obstacles and will have a happy married life if they work towards it and remain together as they are standing now. They should not deviate from the main focus, which is marriage and allow small hindrances to affect them. They should ideally get married on April 15, as was decided, keeping all other issues at bay. Should problems arise now, they will definitely get married by the end of the year.
Bombay Times : 1st April 2010
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You are under psychic attack!

… when you panic and feel drained without reason. Smita Roy finds out more about the burri nazar syndrome

‘Panvati tal gayi’ — goes up a chorus in your office when someone breaks a glass. One tends to laugh off the practice as a myth, but psychics state that it might not be a myth after all. Any feeling of disorientation, panic or exhaustion without a reason could be an indication of a psychic attack, this is better known as burri nazar, or th ‘evil eye’. And no one is immune to it, not even them, confess the psychics.
What is this dreaded psychic attack? It is anything or anyone that assaults your aura (the energy field around the body), without your conscious permission. It leaves you feeling exposed, vulnerable and anxiety ridden. Most are not aware of their energy field, so have no clue when they face the brunt of a psychic attack. Besides, not all these attacks are intentional. It could stem from normal reactions in a dayto-day life. For instance, just the statement ‘Go to hell’ in a fit of rage to another puts him or her in circumstances no different from “hell.” Intentional attacks are when people try to put a spell, or send negative vibes to another. The only way to counter it is to heal and strengthen your aura from daily meditation.
Psychics talk
Geetanjali V Saxenaa, Psychic Healer “When a person fears your power or success, it generates jealousy, envy or anger compelling them to send negative vibrations knowingly or unknowingly. I experienced this negativity with another psychic expert, a friend who allowed envy to creep into the relationship. I started falling sick, started losing concentration and was plagued by domestic problems. With divination, I traced the negativity stemming from my friend, healed myself, strengthened my aura and cut all connections with the sender. If you allow fear to creep in the attack gets more powerful, so remove that emotion from your system.”
How to shield yourself from an ‘attack’
Strengthen your energy field with meditation. If and when one is attacked, seek clearance and protection from an expert, who’ll cleanse and protect your aura Confirm that there’s been an attack, and the reason behind it. Based on the findings, you heal yourself, block the negative energy, and cut off cords with the sender. Don’t retaliate by sending back negative or hate vibes. Always cover and shield yourself by mentally visualising yourself in white light, which washes off any negativity in your aura. If you cannot visualise the white light, then you’ll be comfortable with a crystal. Find out the right one for yourself.
Bombay Times : 7th June 2009
Forget astrology and tarot, there’s a new therapy involving angels that’s being talked about these days. Smita Roy finds out more...

Astrology, numerology, tarot etc, have always fascinated people. Now there’s something else that’s evoking interest — Angel Therapy.

Therapist Geetanjali V Saxena adds, “Angel therapy is nothing but connecting with your own angels and asking for help during times of trouble or even otherwise just talking and communicating with them.”
But why is this called ‘therapy’? Apparently because we are blessed with the angels. We are also given the option of enjoying their divine assistance throughout our life. This is the explanation therapists have to offer.
But how does this process work? Well, the therapists are the ones who help you with your communication with the angels. Author and writer Meenu Mehrotra who underwent this therapy says, “If you go to a tarot reader or an astrologer, the person who’s reading becomes the medium to
answer your questions. But imagine if you yourself become the medium! You start getting messages on your own and you can alter and direct your life accordingly. When I underwent the therapy, there were several doubts and confusion that I was going through. But now with the messages, my mind is far more clear,” says Meenu.
Sangita Malhotra; a curator, who has tried out this therapy says, “Being the scientific person that I am, I needed to see things to believe in them. This therapy has not just made me meet my angels, but talk to them too. They are like my new best friends.”
Well, each to his own is all we can say.

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