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Journey with Archangels

Angels are intelligent, divine beings of light who have their existence on a finer vibrational frequency than human senses can perceive. These divine healers are meant to assist you and every other being on planet earth in their spiritual evolution. When you connect with Angelic guidance you can uncover your life purpose, find solutions to problems in your life, and eventually reach your highest best.
In today’s time and era, it is believed that more and more Archangels are being assigned to work with humans on earth. So, tap into this glorious opportunity by building a deep connection with Angels, strengthen your spiritual toolkit and live an empowering purpose-filled life.

Course Description

In this course, under the guidance of Dr. Geetanjali Saxena, spearheading Institute of Holistic Sciences, a doctorate in Psychotherapy and Counselling from the University of Northeast Virginia, a spiritual advisor who is eminently trained in various faculties of spirituality, a certified Angel guide with Diana Cooper, will teach you nine transformative lessons on working with Angels bringing you benefits beyond measure.

  • Understanding Angels, Purpose of Angels and the law of free will.
  • Signs and Angel numbers – meaning & interpretation
  • Know the Angelic hierarchy
  • Archangels origin, characteristics & twin flames
  • The era of Golden Atlantis & Archangels with corresponding 12 Chakras
  • Nurturing your psychic gifts and developing your relationship with Angels
  • Attunement for eternal connection with Archangels
  • Guided Meditations for balancing inner masculine & feminine, and relationship healing
  • Exercises to connect with your highest self using uniquely crafted Heart-Centre meditation
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Whether you are a practicing healer, or someone who is feeling a nudge to connect with these higher beings for guidance, this course will help you dive deeper to enhance your angelic connection and attune yourself to higher frequency of intuition, love and wisdom.
For more information to enroll, please contact Dr. Geetanjali Saxena on