It has barely been a few days that I have met Geetanjali Ma'am, but the unconditional love she spreads radiates through me now. I had enrolled for a basic theta healing course with a simple intention of learning it and taking my spirituality to the next level. With the utmost sincerity, passion and honesty of ma'am while teaching us, has me addicted to her presence and knowledge. Every minute I spend with her I learn something new. She is one of those people who will take those extra 5 minutes but explain you a concept all over again till you get it right. Though the best thing in her is lack of judgement towards people. She listens attentively to each and every thing we tell her and helps us in her best capacity which let me tell you is mostly the right direction to solving the problem at hand what with the fact that she has extensive knowledge and experience behind her. Another beautiful thing about her is in spite of being 100% accurate and immensely powerful she does not look down on anybody or ever brag about herself. I could go on and on about the zillion ways she has touched my life but I guess you get the point. She is your one stop solution to anything spiritual, healing, counselling, you name it and she does it. A wonderful human being, teacher and of course a spiritual healer.

Wishing her lots of love, light and luck in her life.

Harshika Ruia


Dr. Raghav Nagpal Pic"Great Workshop. Insightful with well explained concepts. Nicely structured with Case studies, demonstrations and practical application of the techniques. Extensively aggregated reading material full of references. She teaches from the heart with a lot of enthusiasm and sincerity . Its definitely a must do. "

Dr Raghav Nagpal


I visited Dr Gittanjali with the issue of not being able to concentrate on my studies. I was indeed going through the most difficult time of my life. Was feeling like this is the dead end of my life. Loads of anger within, no concentration in my studies, felt rejection from all over. Ah! The difficult nut I believed I was. I went for around 4 – 5 sessions of counselling with her and trust me it was a major relief.  Felt like I am back to myself. She made me aware of the root cause of my anger and frustration. It was a lot of stored anger towards my parents in particularly with my father. I was so much into seeking attention from my mother. I understood the reasons for it and happily released it. I am thankful to
Dr Gittanjali as she came like a light at the end of the tunnel of my life. I am now once again into my studies, enjoying my life and back to feeling love and support of my parents. She is indeed a star and many many thanks to her !



An amazing technique to resolve issues. Family Constellation helped me to change my outlook towards people and situations. The technique is beneficial to understand why certain patterns repeat in life and how ignorant we are about them. The answers I was looking from others, I received them all within my constellation therapy. At first, it did look like whether this can work or not, but during the course of therapy, I realized how useful it was to seek my answers. People who don’t know my life were able to zone in my space and give me clarity , it was indeed an amazing experience!! I would like to thank Dr Gittanjali for all the support when I was needing it the most.

Bharati Kapoor


riddhiI was first introduced with the concept of Family Constellation by Dr Gittanjali Saxena. I wanted to live a more sorted life and did not know how to find the answers to my questions. In the first session of Family Constellation the answers started unfolding and I started developing trust in it. More than the concept, I started developing trust on Dr Gittanjali. I began to open up more with my issues to her and wow I am now living a very sorted life of my dreams. No words of thanks are enough for the difference she has made in my life. But still I will take this opportunity to thank her and also people who are reading this here’s a piece of advice, go ahead with her on this journey with faith and she will indeed sail you through the journey. Thank you Dr Gittanjali for making my dream come true.



I am truly blessed to have decided learning Theta Healing. And more happier and blessed to learn it from Dr Gittanjali. Powerful technique to learn the unconscious mind games we play with self and others. The way she taught us was very simple and lucid. Had apprehensions as to whether will be a great experience or not, but believe me it is an eye opener. I am now suggesting people around me for signing up to this course and make a difference in their lives too. A liberating experience which can be mentioned in mere words. Here’s wishing Dr Gittanjali luck in spreading this work to may more. Thank you!



riddhiDear Gittanjali Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful world of Theta Healing. It has been a spiritual journey with lots of joyous moments. The issues which were creating a barrier in my life and stopping my growth have completed vanished. It is so easy for me to manifest changes in my life. Theta is a miracle which has transformed my life. Thank you so much for your guidance and support.

Ruchira Varmaa
Fashion Designer


I am a strong believer in theta..its methods are not just very rationale but also intriguing considering the instantaneous change one feels after learning it. After layers of stress and heaps of worries that accumulates in my head from morning to night, I know there is a way to cleanse myself and start from scratch again. There was a time when all I could see was darkness and gloom around me, and when it dawned upon me that my life is nothing but a live reel of my manifestation I decided to change it all. Dr.Gittanjali Saxena has a unique way of teaching theta, where each class is nothing short of a positive change waiting to happen. She paid individual attention to each of us, and since the class size is very small the learning process is very structured. Dr.Gittanjali Saxena would help us in keeping our focus when our concentration failed us. All 3 levels were like a step by step journey to betterment and positives. Right from health to career, theta has been my perennial support and solution. I am grateful to Dr.Gittanjali Saxena for showing me the light of the creator...Theta is the way to go!!

Gunjaa Kapoor


riddhiEarlier I used to say to myself- 'I believe in miracles' but after learning Theta Healing from Dr Gittanjali Saxena I say 'I AM A MIRACLE'. The manner in which Dr Gittanjali Saxena taught me Theta Healing has given me a profound insight into my own ability to heal; using Theta Brain Wave through the connection to the Creator of All That Is. As a child I used to fantasize that somewhere, amidst the clouds, there is A God, who is invisible to us; but Theta Healing bought God, The Creator to life, showing me that he is within us. What encouraged me to practice Theta Healing was that even after the completion of the course Dr Gittanjali Saxena has always been there for me guiding me to develop the ability through the use of Theta Healing to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With a satisfied grin, whenever my clients ask me, "where did you learn Theta Healing from?", I proudly reply, "My mentor, & guide -
Dr Gittanjali Saxena." Theta Healing- A feeling beyond words, when we experience the oneness of All That Is. After all 'All is love Love is All, All is Now'

Rridhi Arrora