Case Studies

Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellations is one of the most deep-rooted healing modality discovered in this century. It has far amazing results and penetrates deeper into the issue from across generations. I am sharing here a case study of my client Parag (name changed on request) who had this problem of constant financial losses.

Parag walked in with the issue of financial losses in business since last 14 years. He lost his father when he was 17 & since then had started working. On taking his case history, I found his father as well as his grandfather repeating the same pattern. One similar thread between these three generations apart from losses in business was reaching the highest peak point in the business and immediately someone very close to them betraying them and once again a huge loss. This prevented all these generations from having a stable life. We started with the first constellation where in we invoked the energies of his father, grandfather as well as great-grandfather. All of them had deep feelings of being betrayed. And it was like stuck in their DNA lineage. In the first session, we released all of this and the session was summed up. In a week’s time, Parag reported that he was feeling much lighter from within and that he was feeling a lot more focused on work. Earlier he had a very strong feeling, “No matter how much I work, eventually it will be a failure and there will be a huge loss.” This feeling was now coming down and he was feeling lighter within.

The next session, we probed deeper and invited that energy in the space who first felt this feeling of betrayal. That happend be his great-grandfather’s grandfather. He was a successful businessman and lived a very lavish life. But he was betrayed by his own wife’s brother. We released all these energy blocks. Sent in peace and love to everyone and allowed all the generations to send in love, light and strength to the whole DNA line. This brought in more stability and happiness in Parag instantly. He felt as if a huge burden was released off his shoulders. We further resolved Parag’s issue of dealing with his own fears and released them too. Within a month, Parag was feeling much more confident as well as content with the quality of business at his work.

I would suggest people to give this therapy a shot as it will help you heal as well as your future generations too.